Delivery is made via a partner delivery service (Overseas Express).

The products will be packed in a matter they can not be damaged via transport.

You can check the status of the goods here:

When receiving a delivered parcel, the User is obliged to examine the delivery, i.e. to:

  • check whether there is any visible external damage on the parcel and/or the products within the parcel themselves and, if so, to report it to the delivery worker and refuse to receive such visibly damaged products
  • open the parcel before the delivery worker and compare the delivered products with the products listed on the receipt and to, if something is missing or if items that had not been ordered are delivered, immediately report this to the delivery worker.

By signing the parcel receipt slip, the User confirms that they have examined the parcel upon receipt and that the parcel has been received without any visible external damage, and that it qualitatively and quantitatively corresponds with the products listed on the enclosed receipt.

If a User fails to receive a product or refuses to receive a parcel without a valid reason, NCL d.o.o. reserves the right to demand compensation of shipping, handling and any other expenses.

At receiving the product, the User attains all additional documents (user manuals, warranties), invoice and the acknowledgement of receipt of shipment which has to be signed. With the signature on the receipt of shipment it is considered that the product is received without any visible damages.

The goods in the amount to 3.000,00 HRK is ensured from delivery loss. The Buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note while receiving the goods and the delivery service is taking the note as evidence of acceptance. The delivery prices are calculated while ordering the product on, depending on the specifications.